Ninpo is the father of the Japanese martial arts and considered to be the mostly highly evolved martial art with 2000 years of knowledge. Its’ unique techniques are vast in number and can be applied in any dangerous situation. Used successfully throughout Japanese history, particularly by the Ninja, its techniques remain ever effective in the modern era. Ninpo trains both body and mind (spirit) as an all embracing system, founded upon the natural ability of an ordinary person to protect oneself, one’s family and society.


Ju Jutsu is the famous martial art of the Japanese Samurai. Originally a warrior art evolved from Ninpo 400 years ago, it was also used by the Samurai for law enforcement. In addition to fundamental blocking, striking, throwing, and evading it includes highly evolved locking and control / restraint techniques. Genbukan is rare in its ability to offer the original techniques from a wide range of Ju Jutsu ‘ryu ha’ – martial lineages. Even today Genbukan instructors teach these elite techniques to specialist law enforcement units.


Genbukan Kids Martial Arts offers children the chance to enjoy martial arts training in a safe and friendly atmosphere. Our martial art is based on respect for ourselves and others. Kids develop very natural body movement and through their practice learn to believe in their own natural abilities. The pure self defence training teaches both techniques and awareness, which are practiced without aggression. Kids often develop new friendships in the class and parents are always welcome to come along and watch.

Ninpo techniques shown by chief instructor
Ju Jutsu techniques shown by chief instructor
Kids Martial Arts training


Genbukan Self Defence offers all ages the chance to learn to protect themselves in times of great danger. Especially useful for women, techniques are based on natural body movement and do not require physical strength. Those who are old, weak or have restricted physical ability can also learn this Self Defence. Genbukan Self Defence was created by the famous martial art Grandmaster Shoto Tanemura, who wanted ordinary people to benefit from his many years experience as a police officer and SWAT Team Leader.


Genbukan teaches a wide range of weaponry. Fundamental weapon training includes Bikenjutsu (sword) and Bo jutsu (both 6ft staff and 3ft stick). Within Bikenjutsu we practice Shinai (bamboo sword) sparring, similar to kendo but without protective armour. Other weapons include, Yari (spear), Naginata (halberd), Yumi (bow & arrow), Kusarifundo (weighted chain), rope, and other specialised Ninja weapons such as Shuriken (throwing darts etc), Shuko (steel claws). Unarmed defence against knife attack is included within Ninpo and JuJutsu.


A true martial artist must attain a high level of balance between the body and mind (spirit). All our arts are completely permeated by this balance: ‘Seishinteki Kyoho’. Students are taught how to find harmony within themselves and within their lives, so that they may achieve great happiness. Those who undertake long term training afford themselves the opportunity to rise through the various levels of this refinement. We also teach Chi Kong (energy & breathing exercise akin to TaiChi) and ancient Amatsu Tatara teachings including healing massage techniques.

Self Defence techniques shown by student and chief instructor
Weapon training including 6ft staff and 3ft stick
Students meditating during Mind Body Balance training
Genbukan Kanji japanese letters

Genbukan Figo Dojo

The Tara Way

10C Aston Green

Aston Village

(Termonfeckin Road)

Drogheda, County Louth

Phone: adults classes (+353) 041 983 0828 kids classes 086 170 1127


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Tue:    9:00

Thu:    8:45

Sat:     3:30

Once a month



Ninpo / Jujutsu + Self Defence

Ninpo / Jujutsu + Self Defence

Ninpo / Jujutsu + Self Defence

Bikenjutsu (Sword)

Bojutsu (6ft staff + 3ft stick)

Brian Duffy, 5th Dan Kyoshi

Tammy Neary, 3rd Dan


Wed:   7:30

Thu:   7:00

Sat:    2:30

10 - 14 years old

6 - 14 years old

6 - 14 years old